Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Guide
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Engagement rings marks the moment when you announce to your loved one a decision that you are seriously counting on her/him in your future life. To celebrate this special moment in the life of two lovers, a cushion cut engagement ring is being used increasingly. Find it out why, here on our pages.
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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Will Have You Sparkle As Never Before
I too couldn't believe myself when I first saw cushion cut rings - read further to find out why

The purchase of the elegant cushion cut engagement rings have become increasingly popular and trendy in the last decade or so. There is simply no other design that will enhance the beauty of precious stones and truly take your breath away. When it comes to the selection of rings, it is important to consider the options that will maximize its style, beauty and appearance for years to come.

When searching for the best diamond cushion cut engagement rings, it is best to do your research and to determine a budget. With the hundreds to thousands of designs that are available online and in jewelery stores, making the right choice may seem completely overwhelming. Due to the different shapes of stones, you may consider consulting with a professional jeweler who is knowledgeable and experienced in advising the alternatives that can serve as the perfect selection.

Celebrating your engagement is a special time and should be memorized with a breathtaking piece that you will cherish for the rest of your life. In order to make the appropriate purchase decision, it is necessary to consider a few factors including cut, color and clarity of diamonds to determine whether the stone provides the greatest possible value for money. Impress the love of your life with the beautiful piece that best represents your union. 

Jewelry design is more sophisticated than ever with cushion cut in place
The exceptional beauty of the diamond cuts simply cannot be denied

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When purchasing the diamond variation with cushion cut engagement rings, taking a closer look at a few guidelines can ensure that you invest in a classic item of jewelry. Not only are these ranges exceptionally beautiful, but also offers a greater deal of value. These ranges are characterized by its rounded corners and incredible facets that enhance the brilliance and clarity of the diamond.

This type of cut dates far back where procedure was implemented to shape some of the more famous stones that are well recognized today. These diamonds were designed to refract a rainbow of colors in its shimmer, which provides a glamorous yet gracious appearance. The square shape with rounded edges is said to represent somewhat of a pillow with an average of 60 facets and ratio of 1.0; however, some professionals prefer to increase this ratio for more of a rectangle appearance.

The cushion cut engagement rings have increased the demand for a classic trend. The desirability lends itself to its sense of class and wealth as well as its incredible refraction properties allowing for never ending sparkling. One simply cannot deny the exceptional beauty the diamond cuts deliver in comparison to other types of stones and jewelry design.

Purchasing such ranges can provide numerous benefits in terms of its value, style and class. The rounded edges make it less susceptible to the possibility of chipping, scraping or scratching and is considered the ultimate work of art. Due to the design, it is also able to refract a greater amount of light making it more elegant and sophisticated without being overbearing.

A possible limitation of this cut is the fact that one is better able to notice possible blemishes and changes in its overall coloration. Seeking a professional opinion can assist in assessing its purity and provide peace of mind that you are purchasing a valuable and long lasting piece of jewelry. Only seek recommendations and purchase options from a reliable and reputable jeweler within the industry.

When buying cushion cut engagement rings there are a few aspects to look out for. These include the color, clarity and overall designs as there are a number of different styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. When selecting the color, remember that the unique design is least desired for its ability to hold color and therefore a type H should be selected depending on the material the stone is to be set in.

The SI1 and SI2 or considered the best options for clarity and when assessing the level that is provider be sure to search for a clean and crisp appearance. Consider the costs involved as a greater level of clarity will often be more expensive that the regular alternatives. All jewelers should possess the skill and experience to evaluate a diamond and to advise on its suitability.

Cushion cut engagement rings are largely misunderstood as the overall shape and design are confusing or many to understand. The overwhelming search for the perfect ring is also attributed to the fact that there are many different parameters that need to be considered in order to ensure that the best possible purchase decision is made. Some of the terms that are associated with the unique style include cutters, broken glass, crushed ice, square and rectangular cushions.

There are two different classifications for these cuts including modified and standard. In order to remain aware of the distinct features offered with each, it maybe necessary to conduct research and to take the time to assess each of the properties as the differences may be very small and related to issues of technicality before making a final decision.

The cushion cut engagement rings can display tow different types of appearances that are unique to the cutting procedure it has undergone. This includes the chunky type where the facet patterns are clearly demarcated allowing one to identify the way in which the stone represents itself adding to its truly unique and timeless appeal. The crushed ice design adds a greater deal of brilliance and shine as it appears to include cut glass pieces in its tremendous refraction of color.

There are three important factors to consider when purchasing cushion cut engagement rings and these pertain to the cut, clarity and the color of the diamonds you are interested in. Due to the fact that cushions and radiants are able to maintain a greater deal of color, these are best set in platinum or white gold while the clarity should provide a crisp clean look indicating the shape or style of the stone. Where some pieces are round and others square the selection is largely dependent on personal preference and the options that will truly celebrate the joyous union with your loved one.